Pork Humba

1/2 Kilo Pork belly cut into thick slices
1/3 Cup Unang Gisa Soy Saute
1 ½ tbsp. Fermented Black Beans
1/2 Cup Pineapple Juice
2 Cup Water
3 tbsp. Brown sugar
1 piece Star Anise
1 tsp. Cornstarch
A Handful of dried Banana Blossom


  1. Place the pork in the inner pot of the Tiger Tacook and mix the rest of the ingredients together.
  2. Press “Slow Cook. Steam." and adjust time to 60 minutes. Then press the "START" key.
  3. Once cooked, transfer to a dish and serve warm.

Prep Time: 70 minutes
Serves: 2 - 3 persons